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2610, 2012

Melbourne Plumber – Hot Tip…We Treat Your Home With Respect

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Ever had a plumber come and treck mud and dirt through your home?

It is our policy that all plumbers wear shoe covers so that your home is kept dirt free.  Its such another small touch from the plumbers who care.

2410, 2012

What’s The Difference?? Isn’t A Toilet A Toilet??

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1910, 2012

Have You Had A Plumber Leave A Terrible Mess In Your Home?? Here’s An Easy Solution

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1910, 2012

Melbourne Plumber Hot Tips

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1310, 2012

Melbourne Plumber – Aren’t Plumbers Normally Blue???

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Hi Everyone,

Darryl and Tanya here from PlumbAssist. We thought we would talk to you a bit about why we are orange and black and how that came to be……

610, 2012

Reece – PlumbAssist Major Supplier

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Reece are having their Spring Happiness Sale which runs till the end of October.

610, 2012

Hot Tip To Choosing A Toilet

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