Solar electric (PV) water heating has several advantages over solar thermal heating. PV could provide the answer to your water heating problems and this is why:

  • PV is easier to install than traditional thermal solar. The main reason for this is that the water does not need to be pumped up to the pressure-tested rooftop tanks for heating to occur.

  • PV uses less space than solar thermal heaters because there is only one tank needed for operation. This reduced space consumption makes it a more viable option for many homeowners.
  • PV requires far less maintenance. Solar panels need to be checked by a professional on a yearly basis, but PV will survive without this excess care.
  • As there is no additional tank there is not a problem with scale build-up in PV heaters either. This means that the system will require less maintenance.
  • PV can be used to create energy for the grid when the water is hot enough. During peak sunlight hours this means that the system is still working efficiently.